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Become a Poditech Affiliate


If you already have a signup link (From someone referred to you) – Use the link to fill out your application. Your referrer will earn commissions from the sales made by you or the people you referred to.  Refer your links to other people to start earning commission from the sales made by them.

If you don’t have a signup link – Input your information below. We will send you a signup link in the chat box. Fill out the affiliate application. Refer your links to other people to start earning commission from the sales made by them.

Once you sign up as a Poditech Affiliate, the system will generate for you QR codes for a Referral Link and a signup Link. You can take pictures of your QR codes, then share them with people using your mobile device. Or you can print the QR codes and then stick them on your business cards or Poditech USA fliers to give to your customers.

GET 30% COMMISSION: Refer your QR Code or link to people to buy P.O.L. Custom-Fit Orthotics. You will get a 30% commission from their sales.

GET 15% COMMISSION: Refer your sign-up QR code to people to sign up as our affiliates. You will get a 15% commission from their sales.

Shipping and handling fees are not commissionable.

Commissions are paid monthly via bank deposit, PayPal, Google Pay, or Venmo. Advanced commissions will be deducted from affiliate accounts if the end-user returns the products within the 30 policy period.

We reserve the right to modify commissions or cancel the Affiliate Referral Program at any time. All outstanding commissions will be paid.


Thanks for submitting!

already an affiliate?

If you have already registered as an affiliate,you can access the affiliate portal by clicking here.

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