Detailed Product Description

P.O.L. CustomFit® Orthotics is the new generation of traditional prescription orthotics. It is 100% custom fit to the unique shape of your feet in 15 minutes by simply injecting a small amount of water into the orthotics to activate the molding process.

The molding process takes place safely in your shoes with no mess, no cleanup, or discomfort. The custom shape is made using your feet as the molds.  Most common misalignment such as abnormal pronation, forefoot varus or valgus are self-corrected to the most comfortable high of your arches.

After 15 minutes, when the water-based chemical reaction in the orthotic layer has been completed, the stability shells inside the cushion layers are dry and strong enough to keep your arches from collapsing during athletic activities.

P.O.L. CustomFit® Orthotics give your feet a personalized correction to keep them stable in the same way that you have to balance a chair to keep it from rocking. Stabilizing your feet will improve the alignment of your ankles and your whole body posture.

Our P.O.L. CustomFit® stability shells are the major difference between our product and most generally available normal shoe insoles available without a Dr. prescription.  Most insoles are flexible and cannot support your body's full weight.  Our custom shaped rigid shell can support your full weight and even correct misalignment in your feet and ankles with no pain.

Additional medical grade cushion layers applied on top and bottom of the orthotics make the orthotics even more comfortable. The orthotics are transferable among different shoes of the same type. Many customers buy a pair for athletics and another pair for work or dress shoes.

For the best fit, please use the size of your athletic shoes. Since shoe sizes are not consistent among different brands you might need to cut the end of the orthotics to fit your shoes.