Aching Legs

Aching legs refer to the generalized feeling of pain and discomfort, ranging from a dull ache to a stabbing sensation, at the back of the lower leg or behind the knees. The pain is intensified by walking and prolonged standing. The symptoms may disappear within a short time, but in serious cases may last for a few days. If the pain gets unbearable, you may need to seek medical help to check for a serious underlying medical condition that causes the leg pain.

If aching legs are triggered by over-pronation or the excessive inward rolling of the foot, it can easily be corrected by wearing medical-grade orthotics. P.O.L. CustomFit™ Orthotics are recommended for aching legs because they can provide fast symptom relief by correcting over-pronation caused by foot bone abnormalities.

Common Causes of Aching Legs

Leg pain should not be overlooked because it might be precipitated by a more serious medical condition. Over-pronation is one of the most common causes of aching legs. When there is excessive pronation of the foot, the leg would rotate internally, placing more stress on the calf muscles. The leg muscles, while attempting to control this abnormal traction, will become fatigued – leading to pain and discomfort.

Muscle fatigue and dehydration also cause leg cramps; it is characterized by a sudden, sharp pain as the leg muscles contract. It may also be triggered by diuretics, statins, and other medications. You may notice redness and swelling in the affected area. Injuries such as muscle strain, tendinitis, bursitis, and shin splints may also cause aching legs.

Medical conditions that may cause aching legs:

  • Varicose veins – knotted and enlarged veins in the leg that is commonly experienced by women.

  • Deep vein thrombosis – when a blood clot forms at a vein located at the deep part of the lower leg.

  • Arthritis – joint inflammation that causes swelling, pain, and redness.

  • Sciatica – it occurs when the large nerve (sciatica) that runs from the lower back through the leg gets inflamed.

  • Anemia – lack of blood flow due to iron deficiency may cause leg pain.

  • Hormonal changes – women may experience aching legs during menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth.


The use of personalized orthotics can provide long-lasting relief to aching legs that are caused by over-pronation. If you have flat feet or collapsed arches, and other foot abnormalities, you will benefit from Poditech medical-grade insoles. Dr. Tim Nguyen (Wynn) pioneered these prescription-grade orthotics to go a step further than “custom”

P.O.L. CustomFit™ Orthotics will form in your shoes exactly to the unique size, contour and shape of your feet, and the process will only take about 15 minutes. Every foot abnormality is unique, so you can’t just rely on over-the-counter insoles with few size variants, and hope that the nearest available size you have bought will cure your foot problems.

Unless you buy prescription-quality comfort pads, which are made to the exact contour of your specific foot and designed by trained podiatrists, pain relief and healing will not be guaranteed. 100% personalized P.O.L. CustomFit™ Orthotics also cost less than the usual in-office, custom-made orthotics from podiatrists.

If you do seek an in-office consultation, it is necessary to tell your podiatrists about all the signs and symptoms you are experiencing for them to provide appropriate treatment for your condition.

Other treatment modalities:

  • Always wear quality supportive shoes with arch support and cushion.

  • Keep your feet up using pillows to relieve swelling and pain.

  • Wrap ice pack on the swollen area.

  • Heating pads and balms can relieve discomfort.

  • Allow enough rest before engaging in high-impact, repetitive activities.

  • Take over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers.

  • You may wear compression socks and stockings for added support and to aid circulation.

  • Maintain a healthy weight.

  • Do exercises that stretch and strengthen the calf muscles unless they aggravate the pain.

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