CustomFit® Orthotics is the new generation of traditional prescription orthotics. Patented technology and innovative design allow for a 100% custom fit to the unique shape of your feet in 15 minutes.

Using the provided Orthotic Hydrater, simply pump a small amount of water into the orthotic's water port to begin the activation and molding process.  Check the size and length fitting instructions provided.


CustomFit® orthotics feature a medical-grade customizable orthotic shell between comfort-cushion layers on the top and the bottom making them ideal for all athletic shoes. The orthotics are not washable and can last for at least a year under normal wear and activity.

Once Activated, CustomFit Orthotics are firm enough to support weight up to 500 LBS and remain perfectly comfortable because they are formed specifically to the contours of your feet. The unique shape of your orthotics provides just the support and comfort you need to address foot pain and ankle pain as well as help to reduce the risk of injury.

CustomFit® Orthotics

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