Why P.O.L. CustomFit® Orthotics are better

Drug-store foot comfort products are soft and flexible. However, they can only provide some cushion to the skin. They can not rebalance the pressure points under the bony prominences on the plantar aspect of your feet.

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P.O.L. CustomFit® Orthotics have a patented fiberglass support layer built into the comfort cushion soles.  This layer is flexible and unformed when you receive the orthotics. This is why they are delivered in vacuum-sealed packages and must remain in the package until the moment you start the fitting process.

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P.O.L. CustomFit® orthotics feature a medical-grade, customizable orthotic shell between comfort-cushion layers on the top and bottom. The customizable orthotics will become rigid once they are fully activated and molded to the shape of your feet. P.O.L. CustomFit® orthotics provide cushion to your sensitive skin with medical-grade cushion materials.  More importantly, they redistribute the pressure on the plantar aspects of your feet by realigning the abnormal alignment of the foot skeleton.  


This patented feature is available without a prescription only from POL CustomFit® Orthotics. 


The highest quality Medical-grade orthotics are hand made individually in orthotics laboratories.  This process is expensive, time consuming and subject to human error.  When expensive orthotics are made with errors, they can be painful and cause unintended damage to your feet. The patented POL CustomFit® Orthotic process is more accurate and are much more affordable than a pair of prescription traditional orthotics you might order from your podiatrist.