Why P.O.L. CustomFit Orthotics are better

Drug-store foot comfort products do not have a medical-grade support layer. Many are very flexible and soft. These kinds of comfort insoles may relieve pain temporarily until the pad wear down or compress. They may protect sensitive parts of the sole of your foot from rubbing or bearing too much weight. But, they cannot provide the medical-grade Orthotic support available with P.O.L. CustomFit Orthotics. And they will need to be replaced frequently.

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P.O.L. CustomFit Orthotics have a patented fiberglass support layer built into the comfort cushion soles.  This layer is flexible and unformed when you receive the orthotics. This is why they are delivered in vacuum-sealed packages and must remain in the package until the moment you start the fitting process.

When you add water with the safety syringe, a chemical reaction begins to harden the fiberglass into a very firm and strong orthotic support layer.  Prior to activation, P.O.L. CustomFit orthotics are flexible, curved, and springy.  When you begin the support layer activation, you will have placed the orthotics in your shoes. The shape of your shoes surrounding your foot will force the position of the bones and tendons into more healthy alignment and allow the curved P.O.L. CustomFit insert to spring up into the arch of your foot as it hardens.

While the activation and support shell hardening is taking place, you'll walk a bit and to allow your weight and the "upward spring" of the orthotic to come together for a perfect, personalized fit. The activated orthotic pushes up into the arch, and your weight pushes down into the orthotic to fill all the gaps for support and provide cushion to abnormal shapes and bumps that may be on the sole of your foot. 

This "in-shoe" activation and the transformation from flexible to firm during the fitting process is what makes P.O.L. CutomFit so unique and comfortable.